About Us

About US

We are an innovative enterprise located in Chengdu since 2005 with more than 400 employees.and our plant now has the capacity to process 200,000 tons of bamboo pulp per year.

With the brand concept of “simple and Non-excessive”, the company has created the “BABO”bamboo fiber natural color paper brand, and in a year, the brand has rapidly expanded into anational bamboo fiber paper leader.

With more than two decades of exploration and accumulation, Vanov Group regards the innovative technology of bamboo fiber refining and its application as core, and continuously expands the application range of bamboo materials, enhances the value of bamboo industry, realizes the full recycling of bamboo industry biomass, and aspires to become the promoter and leader of the green ecological bamboo fiber material industry.

Our Belief

We provide BABO series of tissue paper products, from bamboo planting to research and development of biomass technology, and self-made bamboo pulp to produce bamboo paper, so that this process becomes a beautiful cycle, and does not increase the environmental burden.


It is not only conducive to the environment, but also provides practical convenience for life: let the antibacterial function of bamboo fiber help you achieve a healthier and cleaner life, and make the fabric toughness of bamboo paper achieve practical functions such as water absorption and de-contamination. In fact, producing practical products working well for consumers has always been our goal.

Our Commitment

With the company value of Simple and Non-excessive life style, we promise that all the waste water after water treatment will be recycled and applied to life and production use again, thereby minimizing environmental pollution and achieving sustainable development.

Promote environmental protection from every employee. Such as the use of recyclable bags, switching off lights, double-sided printing on paper, using energy-saving products, treating people and the environment in good faith, these practices are becoming a common habit in BABO. Our value respects the pursuit of material life but not too much, cherishes the essence of life and expects to return to simplicity in order to remain happy and free.

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